Natural Convection Continuous


Sill Line’s continuous natural convection trench heating is the perfect choice for your project. Our 6 standard models can be complimented by special sizes if you require. We make all our trench heating to order, nothing is out of the box ensuring that you have the exact product you require. Take a look at our case studies to see some …

Natural Convection Modular


Sill Line’ s modular natural convection trench heating is perfect for projects that have a large number of identical spaces. If you are building an office block or luxury flats then this product can help reduce installation costs on site. There is an almost unlimited range of sizes of modular trench heating available and we are sure to be able …

Fan Assist Heating Only


Sill Line’s fan assisted convection trench heating is suitable for projects that need to run on low water temperatures, that have very large glazed areas or high heat load requirements. We use the latest EC motors in our trench heating fans to ensure a very low energy consumption and infinitely variable speeds. If you have a ‘green’ heating source then …

Fan Assist Heating & Cooling


Sill Line’s heating and cooling trench is an increasingly popular product with architects and design consultants. Coming in either 2 pipe or 4 pipe configuration it is able to provide heating and cooling outputs on the same day if necessary.

Electric Element Trench Heating


Sill Line’s electric element natural convection trench is perfect for areas that do not have access to a wet heating system. Our 550w output modules can be arranged as a single unit or in a continuous run as required.

Sill Line Trench Heating Grille


At Sill Line we have invested considerable time effort and engineering design into our trench heating grille. Where other manufacturers choose to save costs and provide an inferior product our standard grille has a number of design benefits which provide a longer life expectancy. For us as manufactures it is not just about having pride in what we produce, but …

Perimeter Heating – Continuous Pedestal Heaters


Sill Line’ s continuous perimeter pedestal, as the name suggests, supplies warmth just where it is needed. It helps to evenly distribute warmth around a room and to prevent downdraughts from large glazed areas. Numerous casing styles and finishes are available.

Perimeter Heating – Pedestal Heaters


Sill Line’ s pedestal heaters are standalone units which can be used as an alternative to a traditional radiator. These units use less water and are thus quicker to heat up and more efficient to run. Available in a large range of units that are both natural convection and fan assisted.

Fan Coil Casing


Sill Line is one of the last UK based manufactures of continuous fan coil casing. We can design a bespoke to exactly fit your requirements. Power and data cables can be discretely hidden within the casing to provide a clean finish to your room.