Some Complex Shapes

Even buildings meant to be square or rectangular are often not true. At Sill-Line we take nothing for granted and carry out site surveys to ensure the building has been constructed as drawn. So when it comes to irregular shapes that require everything ‘made to measure’ we are quite at home. Here are some of the more unusual problems we have faced. In these circumstances each item delivered will be marked and identified with the actual location in the building where it is to be fitted.

As you can see we have been asked to provide perimeter heating into some interestingly shaped buildings, however this often presents an opportunity. Where sufficient space allows you can incorporate data and power trunking within the casing. At Sill Line we have a long history of providing our customers with the top quality natural convection heating solutions. Our UK manufacturing facility allows us to control quality and output in a way that can not be matched by firms who buy in their product from overseas. If you have a challenging heating design problem and would like for Sill Line to solve it for you then please get in touch.