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At Sill Line we are proud that our products are manufactured in the U.K. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who support us in our efforts to fly the flag for ‘Made in the UK’

Trench Heating

Sill Line’s trench heating is perfect for projects of all sizes. We offer continuous and modular units from natural convection to fan assisted heating and cooling models.

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Perimeter Heating – Pedestal Heaters

Sill Line’s pedestal heaters can be either continuous or standalone units which can be used as an alternative to a traditional radiator.

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Fan Coil Casing

Sill Line is one of the last UK based manufacturers of continuous fan coil casing, for our units or those made by other firms

We can design a bespoke solution to exactly fit your requirements. Power and data cables can be discretely hidden within the casing to provide a clean finish to your room, significantly increasing the lettable value of your office space.

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Fan Coil Units

Sill Line has a comprehensive range of fan coil units. 2 pipe / 4 pipe, top exhaust, bottom exhaust whatever you need we can provide.

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Fan Assisted Convectors

Designed for a large variety of uses our fan assisted convectors are often found in schools and hospitals.

We have recently launched a new pedestal range of fan assisted convectors

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Air curtains

Sill Line has a wide range of air curtains available.

From the architectural to the industrial and everything in between.

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Radiant Panels

Sill Line has a wide range of radiant panels available.

Please download out brochure for more details.

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Spirally wound Gilled tube

Sill Line all steel gilled tube provides a perfect extended surface heat transfer mechanism for uses where a very robust unit is required.

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