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Warmline Electric Trench Heating

For locations which do not have access to a LPHW supply Warmline electric trench heating is an ideal solution. The 550w rated heating element is supplied in a 1200mm long x 205mm wide module. Multiple modules can be arranged in a continuous run with dummy sections, mitred corners, and column cut outs supplied if needed. Please click here for the Warmline Electric Trench Heater factsheet

Heating elements are of steel hairpin construction and have steel fins bronze welded to the core, this construction offers excellent heat transfer and an even temperature along the active length. Within the casing there are two high temperature limit stats fitted to the splitter plate. In the event of  the casing grille being partly covered, preventing the air circulating through the casing and causing the temperature to rise above the desired maximum, the heating will be switched off until the cause of the temperature rise has been investigated by a competent person and rectified. There are safety shields fitted over the stats to prevent liquids which may be split into the casing coming directly into contact with the stat wiring terminals.

The grille and grille frame are natural aluminium as standard. Anodised to AA 15 and finished in natural satin. 70% free area on the grill and 96% free area on safety mesh. A wide range of alternative grille finishes are available upon request.

Trench Module Profile

Warmline Electric Trench Module