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Recent Projects – Trench Heating

Warmline Trench Heating in a London riverside apartment.

Over the last year or so we have worked on many projects around the country manufacturing trench heating for a variety of different customers. The list below shows just some of the projects, both large and small that we have been involved in. As is always the case at Sill Line each project is given our absolute care and attention to detail. Whether you are ordering a a single metre of trench heating or a kilometre, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will deliver a great product for your project.

Birmingham University Library – over 800m of trench heating for this prestigious university redevelopment. –  NG bailey and couch perry wilkes

Jaguar Land Rover – 350m of trench heating for the world renowned car manufacturer – Briggs and Forrester

Bedford University library – another new build university library to which Sill Line provided over 400m of trench heating – Integral

Surf Snowdonia – Welsh water sport attraction who required 47m of trench heating – BSS group

Leeds Train Station – supply of 10.5m (4.95 kw of output) of warmline electric trench heating for this rail station- SPIE Matthew Hall

Durham Cathedral – 12m of natural convection trench heating – Vaughan Engineering Limited

West Bromwich Building Society – 565m of trench heating for the new headquarters building – J Tomlinson

Selfridges – Environmental Engineering Partnership

NDA Archive Wick – Over 100m of trench heating supplied through BSS Inverness for the new Nuclear Data Archive, a storage facility for all civil nuclear records for the whole country. This facility has been designed to protect the integrity of the records for hundreds of years. 

Manhattan Town House – 50m of bespoke trench for this five story townhouse in Manhattan, New York. This customer opted for  customer anodised linear grille in two different colours. We sent the order by air freight to ensure a very quick turnaround from order to receipt of the finished goods.



Trench Heating in the West Bromwich Building Society HQ

Warmline Trench Heating in the West Bromwich Building Society Head Office. Abutted Corner

Warmline Trench Heating at Jaguar Land Rover

Warmline Trench Heating at Jaguar Land Rover

sill line daventry corner trench perimeter heating

Domestic trench heating in a conservatory with a mitred corner