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Warmline Trench Heating

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Natural Convection Trench Heating Schedule.

Electric Trench Heating Schedule       Electric Trench Heater Factsheet

A rapid increase in the number of raised floor installations and the desire to maximise lettable floor area, has caused a corresponding increase in the demand for perimeter ‘Warmline Trench Heating’. Sill Line recognises that trench heating is a product which, more than most, must be purpose designed to meet the parameters of the project. Sill Line manufactures trench heating systems in standard sizes. As well as our standard models we can produce custom sizes to a customers specifications or work with the customer to resolve problems caused by obstacles in the course of the trench heating. We are increasingly seeing customers requesting fan assisted trench heating, and heating and cooling units. The benefits of putting a fan into a trench unit are both practical and environmental. Heat can be more quickly distributed around a room and heat can be usefully extracted from a lower water temperature. Ideal if you have a green water heating system, such as solar or biomass. We can even provide a special unit suitable for use in a wet environment such as a swimming pool. To find out more about these fan assisted units please contact our sales team. For all our models the customer has the choice of colours and materials for the trench grille. We are exceptionally proud of our standard aluminium grille  To find out more about our grilles and why we are so proud of them click here

Curved grille and frame as well as casings can be supplied to site templates if required ask our technical department for details. The load bearing capability of trench casing is largely dependent on the width of the grille span and the free area of the grille.  However tests carried out on Warmline Trench casings at the Cranfield Institute of Technology have demonstrated that a 250 kg load evenly distributed centrally on a 100mm square area of a 300mm wide 60% free area flexible grille would give a safety factor of 2.

This example is meant as a general guide and as a rule the load bearing capability would rise as the span of the grille decreases, however should load factors be of significant concern this should be taken up with our technical department at time of ordering so that your particular needs may be addressed.  Casing and grilles to take vehicle access are available on request.

Flexibility and reliability, quality, competitiveness and fast delivery make Warmline Trench Heating an unrivalled product. If you would like to see where some of our trench heating products have been installed then please go to the news tab on our website. 

Warmline Electric Trench Heating

In some applications it is not possible to have a wet trench heating system. Where this is the case then our electric element trench heating is an ideal solution. The casing is manufactured from 1.2mm zintec steel sheet and will have a matt black powder paint finish to the inside face. Levelling bolts are fitted through the base of the casing to allow up to 20mm height adjustment if required.

A single module is 1200mm long producing 550 watts per unit. Where casings are  required to form continuous runs we provide fixings so that several units can be joined together, along with ‘dummy’ sections to make up the exact length required. There are 20mm cable entry holes at each end allowing continuous feed of power supply to run
through in the air intake chamber. Provision of earth continuity link between casings is  also allowed for.

Where casings are supplied as individual units the grille and frame are factory fitted.

Heating elements are of steel hairpin construction and have steel fins bronze welded to the core, this construction offers excellent heat transfer and an even temperature along the active length, the elements have a 50mm cold zone at the connection end and are fitted into a wiring control box using gland nut and shake proof washers.

Within the casing there are two high temperature limit stats fitted to the splitter plate, which are fitted centrally in each half of the casing. In the event of  the casing grille being partly covered by a carpet, clothing or similar preventing the air circulating through the casing thus causing the temperature to rise above the desired maximum, the heating will be switched off until the cause of the temperature rise has been investigated by a competent person and rectified, the stat can then be manually re-set by pressing the reset button “other types of stats can be employed if required”, there are safety shields fitted over the stats to prevent liquids which may be split into the casing coming directly into contact with the stat wiring terminals.

There is a wire safety mesh fitted over the entire heating chamber to prevent the ingress of items which may be dropped through the grille, the mesh is 96% free area which allows maximum air flow through the unit.

Above the mesh there is an aluminium grille frame into which a “70% free area” cross bladed flexible grille is fitted, both grille and frame have a durable silver satin anodised finish.

Are your operating conditions different? CLICK HERE for correction factors.