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Spirally Wound Gilled Tube

sill-line gilled tubesSill Line Spirally Wound all-steel Gilled Tubing provides the perfect all-purpose extended surface Heat Transfer medium of great strength to withstand all nominal system temperatures and pressures. We have manufactured gilled tubes that have been installed in green houses, private homes, offices, churches, cathedrals, theatres and many other environments. 

Sill Line Gill
ed Tube is manufactured in our own works by special purpose machines which wind the strip onto the tube in a continuous spiral under considerable tension, leaving the fin of semi-flat profile and having a regular crimped contact area. 

This process results in a perfect mechanical bond with excellent heat transfer from tube to fin which will not deteriorate or loosen even in the most severe of conditions. The fin, having a crimped inner diameter offers a contact area to the tube equivalent to the outside diameter of the fin. The fins are welded to the tube at each end of the tube.

Sill Line Spirally Wound Tube can be supplied in straight lengths up to 3m. Consideration should be given to length limitations, however, to ease transportation and site handling. For more information on these excellent gilled tubes please get in touch. 

Standard steel tubes to B.S. 1387 are used in the manufacture which can be of Medium or Heavy weight quality.

Only specially selected gilling tape manufactured within close specification limits is used to guarantee perfect bonding and strength.

Lengths are sold subject to a working pressure recommended for the appropriate B.S.S. for that class of tube.

All lengths after gilling are despatched in self colour as standard. Alternative finishes include Heat Resisting Black Matt Paint. For other special colour & finishes please enquire direct with our works.

Are your operating conditions different? CLICK HERE for correction factors.