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Vectair Natural Convectors

Type SLV and SLV (1)
Sill Line ‘Vectair Natural Convectors’ are available as types SLV and SLV (1). The aesthetics of this range may appeal to Architects and Designers for general use in Public Buildings, Office and Reception Areas etc. Consequently the specification is such that it can be tailored within reason to suit various applications.

SLV – Wall mounted, available in 2 casing heights of 450 and 600mm, 2 casing depths of 100 and 150mm nominal, and 11 casing lengths 500 to 1500mm in 100mm increments. This arrangement has one grille only, on the discharge.
SLV (1) – Floor standing, available in 1 casing height only, 600mm, 2 depths and 11 lengths as type SLV incorporating inlet and discharge grilles.

The cabinets are of the sloping top style having a one piece front and top panel constructed from 1.2mm thick zinc coated sheet steel.
Standard cabinets are of the backless type, hung on the wall by means of a wall strip at the top and secured at the bottom.

The standard grille is an extruded aluminium section anodised to AA15 to a natural satin finish. Optional mesh can be fitted to underside of outlet grille.

Casings are finished with Epoxy Polyester powder coating producing a Textured finish. Standard colour is White Textured colour code RAL 9010.

Constructed from seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins and brazed into tubular copper headers, terminating in vertical 1/2” BSP female connections. One header would be fitted with a manual air vent, to facilitate venting the type SLV without removing the casing. Element support brackets are supplied loose to enable elements to be handed on site. All elements are tested suitable for a working pressure of 10 Bars gauge.

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