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Fan Assisted Convectors

Sill-Line are pleased to announce the launch of the Vectair Fan Convector range. Fan convectors are recognised as being one of the best ways to quickly bring a room up to the desired temperature. The Vectair Universal and Concealed units are available with EC motor technology which significantly reduces running costs compared with AC motors. They are ideal for installing in schools, care homes, churches, offices, factories and many other locations. Click on the link to download your copy of the Vectair Brochure or for more information please contact

Product Range
Vectair Universal

One heating solution for a variety of applications suitable for high, low or ceiling mounted installation. Incorporating EC motor technology, the Universal delivers heat quickly and effectively. Heat outputs up to 14.5kW EC motor technology.

Vectair Concealed

Designed for concealed spaces, this is a highly versatile unit. It can be floor mounted or suspended from the ceiling. A variety of adjustable accessories enable it to be configured in dozens of innovative ways. Outputs up to 14.5kW. EC motor technology

Vectair High

Designed for unobtrusive fixing at high level, Vectair rapid response heating is ideal for heating large areas such as schools, churches, care homes, libraries, offices and hospitals when floor space is at a premium. Heat outputs up to 14.5kW. AC motors only.

Vectair Low

A floor or wall mounted fan convector developed for a range of applications in commercial installations. The low surface temperature casing enhances safe operation of the model. Available in three model sizes. AC motors only.