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Our products and services fall into distinct areas which can be broadly summarised as trench heating, perimeter heating, convector heaters, both natural and fan assisted, spirally wound gilled tubes and louvre manufacturing.

Trench Heating. By far the most frequently chosen heating solution and where our greatest expertise lies is our various trench heating systems. Here the heat exchanger element is placed below floor level usually by a window or wall. As you can see in the animation the colder air adjacent to the external surface falls naturally towards the ground into the trench. This in turn drives warmer air out of the trench as it passes through the finned tube heater element. The heater element being driven by either hot water or electricity. Trench heating is ideally placed in front of large glazed areas where it prevents condensation build up on the glass as well as allowing for an unobstructed view through the window. We have a long and proud history of manufacturing trench heating for a hugely diverse customer base. From individuals purchasing a single unit for their own home to major contractors at international sports stadiums and airports who purchase hundreds and sometimes thousands of meters. Check out our case studies page for some of the more interesting technical challenges we have worked on, or take a look at the recent trench heating projects tab to see if there is an installation near you.

Wall mounted perimeter heating systems are also commonly used. Here the air flow is created by a chimney effect. The element causes hot air above it to rise and so colder air is drawn into the casing below the element creating the heating effect. These units can also provide a home for concealed trunking for power and data services or be hidden behind a skirting board. There are several examples on our case studies page where perimeter heating has been used to good effect.

Natural convectors and fan assisted convectors (radiators) work on the same principal but are built as discrete units and are used in the same way as flat panel radiators. They create an individual architectural feature rather than a continuous case. We also produce fan assisted natural convectors which can be used to quickly bring a room up to temperature. These units have the added benefit of being able to run using lower water temperatures which make them ideal for use with a green water heating system such as a biomass boiler or solar hot water heaters. Fan convectors are used in a wide of buildings such as schools, hospitals, care homes and churches to name but a few.

Spirally Wound Gilled Tube. Our Spiral Tube is an uncased heater. Originally designed as a robust unit often used in industrial environments it use has evolved so it is much more common today in a domestic setting. We have provided spiral tubes for green houses, churches, cathedrals, designer homes and offices where they provide an architectural feature as well as emitting heat. Available in many lengths, colours and sizes these products make a design statement every time they are used. Recently we have been asked to manufacture aluminium louvres as design features for high end fashion outlets.

Aluminium Louvres. Recently we have been asked to manufacture aluminium louvres as design features for high end fashion outlets. Our latest project has been installed in the Chanel store in Heathrow terminal 5. We were able to leverage our sheet metal skills and manufacturing expertise to great effect. We are seeing increased interest in this product which provides a stylish ceiling or wall mounted feature. 

Computer Room Floor Grilles

Designed to fit into a standard 600 x 600 floor tile space the Sill Line computer room floor grille benefits from our wealth of experience in making floor grilles.See here for more details

Fan Coil Casing. Our design and manufacturing skills are often called upon to manufacture Perimeter Casings that are used to conceal other heating and cooling equipment, very often a fan coil. These casings are required to be a design feature of the room environment and often contain other services such as power and telecoms cables together with their associated socket outlets.


Trench heating animation

Perimeter heating animation

Standalone convector animation